We are supported by a Balik-PhD grant 

(OVPAA-Balik-PhD-2016-13) from the Office

of the Vice President for Academic Affairs,

University of the Philippines.


    Principal investigator


          Ian Vega


    PhD students

          Reginald Bernardo (PhD-3)

          Carlo Elmaguin (PhD-1)

          Sean Fortuna (PhD-3)

          Jerome Mecca (PhD-1)

          Adrian Villanueva (PhD-3)


    MS students


          Joshua Bautista (MS-2)

          Jhon Procurato (MS-2)

          Mark Ugalino (MS-2)

          Gabriel Alkuino (MS-1)

          John Adrian Baybay (MS-1)

          John Celestial (MS-1)

          Karlo De Leon (MS-1)

          Marc Christian Perez (MS-1)


     BS students

          Clark Angelo Urzo (BS-7)

          Willard Alzate (BS-5)

          Janna Angeles (BS-5)

          Lemuel Saret (BS-5)

          Lizbeth Tan (BS-5)

          Melissa Alhambra (BS-4)

          CJ Palpal-latoc (BS-4)

          Jaythan Salazar (BS-4)

          Joaquin Mercado (BS-3)

     *number indicates the student's current year 

      in the BS, MS or PhD program.

     *Please check out our Alumni Page








































(June 2017) The 20th Capra Meeting on Radiation Reaction in General Relativity at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, USA, where Karl Revelar (PhD student) and Jezreel Castillo (MS student) presented their research results. (Credits: photo above, UNC Chapel Hill.)

The Gravity Group after one of our weekly Journal Club meetings. (October 2017).

Top: Gravity Group members in Kyoto University (February 2019). Bottom: At the Yukawa Institute for

Theoretical Physics, where some of us presented work in the 2019 Asia-Pacific Winter School and Workshop in Gravitation and Cosmology. We hope to make our attendance an annual tradition. 

First group photo in our new lab. (April 2018).

Our new lab. (April 2018).

Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan (November 2019) for the School on Gravitational Wave Cosmology.

NIP Recognition Day (June 2019)

Game night! Gravity and Friends Sem Starter (August 2019)

For fun: Check out our group's illustrious academic lineage.

Gravity Group (September 2019)

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